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1. What is the difference between Airbrush Makeup and traditional makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a very thin foundation that is applied with a brush thats attached to a air compressor. Its air blown on to the face through the brush and is usually applied in a few light layers. Airbrush makeup is highly recommended for problematic skin. For traditional makeup we use professional photogenic foundations and can control the coverage better than airbrush. Both foundations will be custom tailored to your skin and desired coverage and will be long lasting.

2. Do I need false lashes?

No, but it does make a significant difference when taking your look from everyday to glamorous. Keep in mind that it looks better in pictures as well. If your set against them then I recommend 2 coats of mascara.

3. Do I need a bridal trial?

That’s really based on each client. If you want to be confident you have chosen the right look for you then you don’t need a trial. But if you still have unanswered questions and want the peace of mind a trial will give you then yes a trial is for you.

4. Will a spray tan interfere with my makeup on the wedding day?

No, we customize the makeup to each person and their skin tone.

5. What brand of makeup do you use?

We use professional makeup and top of the line brands like Makeup forever, MAC, Urban Decay and most other brands you will find at Sephora.

6. How should I prepare my hair for styling on the wedding day.

Clean, dry and product free. Your hair can be 1 day dirty for updo’s. Blow dry or air dry either is ok. But NO flat irons should be used on the hair before we style it.

7. Can I have hair extensions put in before the wedding.

Yes, I recommend a consult with us first to determine if they are necessary for your desired hair style. At this point we can discuss which type of hair extension will work for you.

8. Will my makeup and hair last?

Yes!! Absolutely it will! We use waterproof makeup and setting mist to ensure your makeup will last all night and through soft tears. As far as hair, once we have your hair just right we will set it with a long lasting hair spray.



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