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Airbrush makeup

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There are many AirBrush makeup products out there, some better than others. What is your favorite? I have tried many, Mac, Luminaire, and now Graftobian. Make sure your skin is not too oily before applying your AirBrush foundation, use a little moisturizer that is not too greasy. AirBrush doesn't mix well with oils. Before applying

Air Brush Makeup

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Air Brush makeup lasts until you remove it. It's flawless mat finish is perfect for weddings or photography,It's also water proof so any wedding tears will not spoil your flawless look Airbrush Makeup

Body Paint and Event Makeup

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"Daisy Festival" Las Vegas we did so many body painting for this festival!They wanted fun and bright colors, we would love to talk about any Ideas for body painting you have.

Smooth in the Summer

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Airbrush Makeup is the best foundation to use in the Las Vegas summer heat! It's long lasting and setting agent really helps stop the shine... smooth brides

Sparkle in to your Makeup!

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Brides love to add a little sparkle in to eye makeup. Personally I love the grey sparkly paint pot from Mac Cosmetics. Smooth it on the eye lid with a brush then smudge it and see it sparkle!


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Airbrush makeup is a great way to create a fantasy makeup

Airbrush Makeup Ideas

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Airbrush Makeup Ideas?


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What kind of makeup is the best for everyday use? some people say Mineral makeup is best for the skin but fades quickly, what do you suggest?

parties and events

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This was a fun shoot I love to get creative

Mac cosmetics

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Love Mac airbrush makeup! what do you think any comments?