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Airbrush makeup

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There are many AirBrush makeup products out there, some better than others. What is your favorite? I have tried many, Mac, Luminaire, and now Graftobian. Make sure your skin is not too oily before applying your AirBrush foundation, use a little moisturizer that is not too greasy. AirBrush doesn't mix well with oils. Before applying

Las Vegas Pageants

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Pageants are still very popular in Las Vegas, many held at The Venetian Hotel and Casino! What do you think of pageants? Las Vegas Pageants

Smooth in the Summer

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Airbrush Makeup is the best foundation to use in the Las Vegas summer heat! It's long lasting and setting agent really helps stop the shine... smooth brides

Summer is here!

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Planning a summer wedding? The best time of day to wed is either early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day. Vegas has the best sun sets! Any locations in Vegas you can recommend?

Airbrush Makeup

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Great long lasting foundation! Do you like it? have you ever had airbrushing?

Airbrush Makeup Ideas

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Airbrush Makeup Ideas?


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Smooth brides now does spray tan. anyone heard of Celestial Bronze? it's a natural organic solution that will not irritate the skin.

wedding airbrush makeup

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Airbrush makeup by MAC any comments? some love it some not personally I think it is great as a long lasting foundation and great for oily skin types :)

Spray Tan

Ever had a spray tan? the great thing about our spray tan is that we use an organic solution that looks so natural people will be asking you if you had just been lying on the beach for a week. Don't you think that spray tan is much better for your skin that the harsh


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I am now happy to let you know that smooth brides provides air brush tanning in the comfort of your hotel room. The whole body tan takes around 15 minutes and 5 minutes to dry then we can go ahead and do your air brush makeup! I use a natural tanning solution made with carotene