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Crazy makeup!

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I really enjoyed doing this day of the dead makeup, doing the normal makeup is great but once in a while it's nice to do something different. Mac has this stuff called paint pot it's there line of acrylic paint and you can just dip your brush in it and paint, it's great stuff! only

What do you think of theme weddings?

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The craziest theme wedding I did was a Zombie wedding all 30 brides maids plus the bride and groom were very gruesome zombies.

Best wedding chapel !

Do it Vegas style at Graceland Chapel Las Vegas! you can choose from a young Elvis to a more "mature" Elvis to marry you. One thing is for sure it's a day you wont forget :)

Air brush makeup!

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Now Mac has come out with the new air brush makeup High def finish guaranteed to last for 12 hours!

Hair tip

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Paul Mitchel's "slick works" is great for smoothing those fly away hairs and is also great for defining curls. by putting a small amount on your fingers then smoothing it threw the curls will set them with a silky shine.