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False Eye Lashes

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I get asked many times how to remove false eye lashes and will they damage your own lashes when taking them off, the answer is NO they do not do anything to your natural lash you could wear them every day if you wanted to and nothing will happen to them unlike the eye lash

Cinema Secrets foundation

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Have you ever tried Cinema Secrets foundation/concealer? you can't get them in Vegas but you can go on line to order your foundation pallets! they are great the coverage is flawless this water based solid foundation comes in all shades I recommend this foundation for every day use or for professional photos. You wont need

Asian eye makeup

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I have many Asian brides who ask me can I do makeup on Asian eye shapes and I tell them I find it much easier to do eye makeup on Asian shape eyes than any other. I find that for a day time eye makeup just a light shade blended on the eye lid already

How to achieve that dewy look!

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Must have "Gloss" By MAC, I'm not talking about lip gloss this is an amazing face gloss. After you apply your foundation only powder your areas you don't want to shine like maybe your nose and fore head, Then you take a small amount of your gloss and with your fingers or your foundation brush

Air Brush Make up

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A little helpful makeup tip! Air brush makeup is great for brides especially if you are going to have some professional photographs through out your day. Air brush makeup is a light mist of foundation. I personally love the high definition air brush foundation by MAC it gives a smooth fresh look to enhance your